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Often, technology does not reach to the person who is in need, but if reaches, it can be truly transformative and life-changing for a group of people, perhaps those who deserves it most. The idea is to improve the living quality of the blind people with an innovative sunglasses with the latest technological advancements. By seeing the surroundings using the cameras, understand the environment using Artificial Intelligence and capable of communicating with the user like an assistant using microphone and special sound system. The AI integrated cameras acts like human eyes- able to understand movement, distance, color, shape, sentiment etc of each object, understand the ambiance of the surroundings and the through bone conduction unit it informs the user about what is around him and what is happening. On verbal question of the user, it understands and responds accordingly. It will also be capable of monitoring psychological health status to communicate proactively with family members. Continuously improving it’s intelligence by the user, by the cameras and by the collective knowledge base. This sunglass will not be able to bring back the sight of the blind people, but it will be able to provide visual information like others. That’s why ALO- AI for Least Observed.

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